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The Company

Formed in 1996 as a CallBack operator, Phoenix Communications Pte Ltd (Phoenix Comms) has progressively advanced in the telecommunications industry with their offer of quality International Direct Dialling services and other telecom innovations.

Positioned as a service provider to connect you to your destinations easily, effectively, and at a competitive rate; Phoenix Comms was also the first newly licensed IDD operator in Singapore to launch the Phoenix 1516 IDD in July 2000. Featuring the lovable Phoebie as their mascot, their reliable services not only connect you to more than 200 countries around the world, they also include the very popular PhoenixCard, the Phoenix CallBack Card, SmartDial, SmartRoam, SmartPin and World Connect.

Today, Phoenix Comms enjoys the distinction of being a market leader in delivering cost-effective high-quality IDD services that meet any requirement. Driven by a vision to offer first-class IDD services, the company is constantly perfecting its robust and reliable network. From the expansion of their switching networks to their constant delivery of quality services, we are sure you will find one that most fit your needs.

And, recently in 2009, Phoenix Comms finalised a much-lauded merger with International Access (or IA), a major telecommunication operator in Singapore known for their wholesale offerings in voice and data. For Phoenix Comms, IA represents an extended network of global alliances while still offering the same bang-for-the-buck voice calls.

With such unwavering focus and commitment to service excellence, count on Phoenix Comms for excellent communication services and to keep you in touch with all your key relationships.

The Leadership

The Managing Director of Phoenix Comms, Mr Chiang Chee Cheong, was the Chief Operating Officer of a wholesale company in USA’s telecommunication market for 5 years after his 18-year career with Singapore Telecoms. His global experience, both in retail and the wholesale market, remains invaluable towards the rise of Phoenix Comms’ corporate profile and market share.

Phoenix Comms Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Jason Kuek, is concurrently CEO of International Access Pte Ltd where he expanded the company to one of the largest wholesalers in telecommunications industry. Mr. Kuek has 15 years of Business Development, Sales & Marketing experience in the retail business with Singapore Telecom.

Today's Market

From start-up companies to growing enterprises, every organization requires consistent and efficient communications to flourish. Whether you are establishing communications between key associates and partners or maintaining contact with clients and suppliers, you want quality international connections that can support your vision.

With Phoenix Comms as your communications backbone, you can count on our efficient and cost-effective solutions to bridge any communication gap in this ever-changing marketplace. For instance, if you need to keep track of your overseas connections, Phoenix Comms provide a free and customizable report that will be sent to your periodically. This Customised Detail Statement (CoDES) contains a tailor-made account of your IDD usage, as well as related information according to your requirements so that you can track and plan your communications more effectively..

What is more, with our Convenient Connection Technology, you will not have to change your usage habits when making overseas calls. Once this system is in place, you simply dial whatever you are used to and the technology will redirect your calls through our network without any inconvenience to you.

On top of that, the technology we use also gives you reliable connections that routes you back to Singapore and out again to whomever you call, wherever they are. This service allow you to connect with anyone, even when you are abroad, without incurring the hefty charges Roaming IDD otherwise impose.

To let us help you put together a business communications package that is custom-made for you, call us at 65-6838 1516 or send an email to . We are confident that with our full commitment to help your business succeed, you can look forward to a fruitful and satisfying relationship when you choose Phoenix Comms as your communications partner.